Payroll Solutions

Jannotti Insurance Agency Now offers PAYROL SOLUTIONS for Small to Midsize Companies.  Make an appointment today for a FREE Forensic Consultation so we can find the right solution for your payroll needs.
Solutions for Small Businesses with our payroll partners.


Any Great Partnership Starts With Trust
So much of your life revolves around your business. We know that selecting a business partner is no simple task. So here’s our promise to you: We will help you find the right fit that will deliver the insight, experience and support you need to help you manage your workforce and your operations. Whether you’re just starting out, experiencing rapid growth or sustaining a mature company, we have small business solutions to help you succeed.

Get Assistance When You Need It
Beyond just helping you keep the lights on, we lend perspective and ideas – along with the hard-won wisdom we’ve gained from serving companies like yours for over 60 years. Come to us with your business challenges. Chances are we’ve helped steer another small business through similar waters already. Or just use us as a sounding board for new ideas. Wondering how you can make your employees more productive? Interested in keeping your employees on the job longer with a retirement plan? Not sure which benefit plan type is the right one? We’ll help make sure you consider all the angles and know the impacts before you make any major moves.

Get Back to Business
Running a small business is hard enough without also having to worry about the details of HR and workforce administration. That’s where we come in. The right payroll partner will help you make sure that you, your managers and your employees are getting the tools, resources and – most importantly – the assistance your company deserves. So you can get back to building and growing your business.